Customized Multi Gauge System

New Product Development Customized Multi Gauge System


Our R & D Unit is striving continuously to develop our own standards such as Air gauging system, Dial calibration tester, Master Cylinders, Linear tables…..excessively to our forecast products.

This division exclusively design and develop the measurement solution to your components for quick and effective inspection as featured below :

  • Standard gauges such as Plain Plug Gauges, Plain Snap Gauges.
  • Customized gauges such as position gauge, receiver gauge, depth gauge, flush pin gauge and groove diameter checking gauge.
  • Multi-measurement system by linear probes inclusive of software integration to reduce the inspection time.
  • Automation of inspection system with sensor and PLC configuration.
  • Electronic Contact Type Multi-Gauging System for TULIP
  • PC BASED CAMSHAFT Multi-Gauging System
  • Electronic Multi-Gauging System for SPROCKET


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