Video measurement system

Optical Metrology Video measurement system

Non Contact Video Based Metrology provides more detailed data about sample than single point contact systems. The integration with highly accurate positioning auto edge determination and powerful 2 dimensional Data processing Software’s / hardware’s has made Video Measuring Systems one of the most versatile metrology tool.

An excellent solution to the most critical requirements of high quality Optical Profile Measuring. Suitable for measuring different shapes, complicated profiles such as press components, gears, cams, treads, tools, dies, turned components, automats etc. Most effective device to measure most 2 dimensional parameters like linear dimension, angle.

Software: Multi-Window display and easy operation. Automatic edge-detection 2-Axis geometrical measuring function 2D Parameters like Line, Circle, Angle, Distance, Rectangle etc.

Focus Indicator – can precisely determine Z axis. Windows 2000/XP Vision tool equips edge-trimming, output the most precise data. Excellent graphic allows to save, print out, and transfer to CAD.


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