Trinocular Microscope

Optical Metrology Microscope Trinocular Microscope

Trinocular Microscope offered is made available by us in 45º inclined finish with 360 degree rotatable trinocular head that provides for optimum user interface. For smooth operations, these also come with co-axial built-in mechanical stage with option of fine vernier graduation, low drive control as well as presence of ball bearing guide ways so as to ensure jerk free smooth slide manipulation through 50 X 75 mm travel feature. Further, the presence of exclusive preset focus lock also helps in preventing damages of valuable slides and objectives.

Standard Features:

  • 45º inclined with 360 degree rotatable Trinocular head
  • Co-axial built in Mechanical stage with fine vernier graduation, Low Drive control, working on Ball bearing Guide ways for jerk free smooth slide manipulation through 50 X 75 mm travel
  • Dust proof quadruple/quintuple ball bearing revolving nose piece provided with rubber ring for easy rotation
  • Co-axial coarse & fine focusing adjustment knobs, fine motion, graduated to .002 mm
  • Sub-stage Abbe type N.A. 1.25 condenser focus-able with rack & pinion having iris diaphragm and swing out filter holder
  • Steeple Grey, chemical resistant, back-on finish
  • Exclusive preset focus lock prevents damage of valuable slides and objectives
  • Heavy rectangular sturdy base, with built-in illumination LED lamp, with intensity control, provided with fuse for extra safety
  • With dust cover packed in Styrofoam packing

Optical Accessories :

  • Objective : 5 X 10 X 15X [Hygienic]
  • Dark Field Condenser, Phase Contrast Attachment


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